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Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Update

 It's been a few years since I made my last post.  I have not let M.D.I. get the better of me!  Over the years I have learned to accommodate my limitations and work with it.  I know what agitates it the most and do all I can to prevent it.

Main Agitations:
Over the head movements with our without added wights.
Applying too much pressure to either side of your shoulder.
Lifting heavy objects.

This sounds like it limits a lot of your daily tasks, but you can still work around it live a normal life.

1. Exercising-  Cardio is an EXCELLENT way to  keep in shape with this disorder.
                       Minimal light weight lifting helps. You have to build up the muscle around your shoulders to help the muscle stay in place and hug more tightly to the bone.  You already have a loose joint, a loose muscle surrounding it isn't going to help. Don't push your self too hard with the weights,  having this disorder is not ideal for becoming a heavy weight contender.

2. Drink the juice- Faithfully drink Joint Juice.  Joint Juice will help the cartilage in your joints to stay strong, and  prevent  a lot of joint pain. After drinking it for so long you feel like a different person, you have more energy to get out of bed everyday. Your joints will always hurt when the bad weather rolls in, but this stuff makes it barely even noticeable.

3. Accepting the limitations- No you can't do any cant to any crazy over the head sports or exercises, but work with it.  You can still dribble a ball and do a short shot, without fully extending your arms above your head. .

4. Live -This disorder has helped me find new talents and activities to do. Crafting, Painting, SHOPPING( That's my favorite),  Cooking - I  have moved from microwave pancakes to the real thing! There are tons more activities you can still do to keep you  busy and not focusing on the limits.

5. Keep Positive- Yes, it severely sucks waking up in the middle of the night in extreme pain  from your shoulder or hip popping out in your sleep. You will be okay, ice it and  keep your shoulder in a tight sling and wrap.  Give it at least 2 days before removing it. Depending on the severity, you might need to keep it in the restraints longer. However you can still go about your daily tasks, while letting it heal.

You will always have times when you feel down because you can no longer do something that you are used to doing on your own. But,  the good news is  its not a life threatening disease. You wont die because your joints pop out. It's a very uncomfortable and inconvenient disease.  My Great Uncle and his 9 brothers and sisters had M.D.I. Back then doctors didn't know how to treat it, and none of them were able to finish school.  Now  with this amazing technology we have, doctors know how to help us deal with it.

I am waiting for some sort of bionic joint that they can replace mine with to become available, then maybe  I wont have to worry about the dislocations. Until then I will just keep on swimming.