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Monday, December 21, 2015

Post Physical Therapy Update

      Merry Christmas everyone!

        Well my shoulder is  pretty much back to normal, which is amazing. I did my physical therapy up until Nov. 19th and it helped me regain most of my motion back. I have about 90% if not more of my range of motion restored.  I am able to reach things a bit of a ways above my head, and do my hair easily ( which is the most important thing.)  The surgery was most definitely worth it.

          I do have trouble getting  in and out of some shirts  that have a tight seam in the shoulder.  ( I learned this the hard way, and my Husband had to cut me out of a few of my all time favorite shirts.... sad day.)  However I have learned that  Knit or Polyester tops are my best friends, with the extra elasticity it helps me maneuver my shoulder out of the sleeve in a more comfortable fashion.

         Sleeping is still a challenge. I will most likely never get to sleep on my stomach again, for the way my arms end up when I do will cause me to dislocate. But I have found that  using a wedge pillow underneath my other pillows helps support my shoulders enough to be comfortable. I do  get mini spasms every night before I go to sleep.  Taking the Cyclobenzaprine really helps reduce the spasms so that I can sleep more comfortably.
          The spasms at night occur mostly when I had a super strenuous day, like lifting heavy things or sitting at a desk for too long. ( The angle and constant repetitive motion with typing for many hours really does put a ton of strain on your shoulders.)  I have gotten a few typing pads to help angle the keyboard to make it a bit more comfortable.

          Other than that life is getting back to normal.:)  I do have to be careful still but I can rest a bit more easy with knowing the surgery was a success and it shouldn't dislocate anymore. My right shoulder has improved quite a bit, so I think we can hold off on doing the same surgery next year.

  I will submit a follow up post in the next few months to provide an other update.

      Happy Holidays!

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