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Monday, April 11, 2016

Update- April 11th, 2016

Unfortunate Events....

It has been 10 months since my surgery, and last Monday my left shoulder dislocated again. It pulled out a bit of the stitching and is now super loose.  It is such a disappointment since all that time and money was wasted ( in my opinion) on a surgery that didn't last even a year.

I don't blame Dr.Douglas for this, since I know I do have a hereditary condition and its just super disappointing that it didn't work. I know he has had an amazing success rate with this surgery alone with his other patients that don't have the condition I have. But for someone with MDI, it only lasted a few months.

My shoulder dislocated when I was trying to flip onto my stomach in the middle of the night. Since my surgery I haven't been able to sleep in that position, so my body tried to move that way in my sleep.

We recently have moved into a new place and with the stress of that on my shoulders I think that is what initiated the dislocation.  I have  been wearing a brace like this all last week to try and keep my shoulder in place. It seems to work for the first 3 days of wearing it, then after that it  starts to pull and feel painful on the shoulder. But the shoulder wrap part of this brace really helps when you need something to just keep it snug.
Universal Sling and Swathe Shoulder Immobilizer

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I also use these shoulder wraps with the built in ice and heat packs. These are great for when you are having a spasm and need the muscle to relax, of right after a dislocation.

Shoulder Warmer Brace & Ice Wrap with 2 Hot / Cold Gels

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I am not sure what to do at this point. The only thing that sounds to stop this entirely would be to have a full shoulder replacement. I am 22 years old and I think that is going a bit extreme. But on the other hand.... I cant keep living my life in and out of slings, and having my shoulder pop out all the time, with constant spasms.

If anyone else has gone through this, or has any suggestions please let me know.

I will be meeting with the Dr. again within the next week and I will post an update then as to how we plan to move forward.

All the best,


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